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We produce highest quality custom detachable cables for ULTIMATE EARS, SHURE, SLEEK AUDIO, WESTONE и ETYMOTIC, EARSONICS, JH AUDIO, AT, Sennheiser, AKG, HFM, Audez’e and so on. Fixed cable recables are welcomed.

Model range:

What is so special about our cables?

► We use really unique cable designs that can't be found elswhere on the custom cables market.

► Custom cables are handcrafted (~7 working hours) and antibacterial treated. We control quality on several stages.

► All custom cables are provided with exclusive bend savers. Unlike almost any other handcrafted cables.

► We are not using any brand-printed heatshrink to distinguish our cables. We are focused on more usable features and one can easyly identify our product just by appearance.

► Any reasonable requests are subject to discuss.

► We also produce highest quality interconnects, adapters extenders and attenuators.

List of compatible models:

- Ultimate Ears Universal Fit
- Ultimate Ears custom fit.
Clones from Maudio - IE10, IE30, IE40, and Altec Lansing.
- Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 Pro
- WESTONE - any with RC, R, PRO index and custom fit.
- JH audio
- Most custom IEMs. E.g. 1964ears, Alien Ears, Unique Melody, Heir audio and so on.
- Shure SE 846, 535, 425, 315, 215
- Audez'e LCD2, LCD3
- Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800
- AKG K702/K240
- and many others.