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- Since our products are custom made by hand we do not offer refunds if buyer changed his mind after payment is done.
- We offer limited warranty for our products, please contact to get specific product term. We offer free repairs within the warranty period, the buyer ships item to us at own expence We pay the return shipping.
- Since shipping method is agreed with the buyer, the seller and the buyer are equally responsible in case of item loss (three months term) or damage. In case of damage we offer free refurbishing. The buyer ships item to us at own expence. We pay the return shipping.
International air postal tracked parcel is 7-8 usd (for one item), but takes 2-8 weeks for delivery, maybe longer.  Please request EMS if you need your items quickly.
- We are not responsible for headphones loss during the return (from repairing) shipping. If you want to be 100% sure please request EMS service.
- We can not be responsible for any customs procedures at the buyer's side. We can agree amounts declared for customs, or we will declare random minimal amounts by default.