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Fri, 03/29/2019 - 11:13 // Source

The ESP950 have been in my radar for a long time. I've always heard overall good opinions on them on various forums (head-fi, SBAF, reddit, etc). Problem is, finding a pair in Europe for a reasonable price used (around 500€ or less) is a bit hard since there are no sales here and importing the ESP/95X, while costing exactly ~508$ with shipping, would end up being more expensive with VAT/Tax (at least $150-180 more).

I ultimately managed to grab a set with the Vesper pads ( https://fongaudio.com/store/default/koss-esp950-custom-replacement-pads.... ). These pads are much better than the stock pleather crappy pads, and help with the tonal balance by reducing the 1khz bump and improving sub-bass extension, while providing better comfort - more depth.

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